Does Patio Drummond offer a warranty on its landscaping products?

Patio Drummond offers a replacement warranty for manufacturing defects on our products, valid for one (1) year following the date of purchase. Installation costs are at the consumer’s expense.

My products are damaged, what should I do?

For landscaping products purchased at hardware stores, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased your products directly. The retailer will then contact us to open a claim file – if applicable.

Can I use de-icing salt on your products?

No. It is to be PROHIBITED!

Patio Drummond prohibits the use of de-icing salt to prevent the surface of concrete slabs, pavers, balconies and stoops from flaking or crumbling. Patio Drummond declines all responsibility for damages caused by the use of de-icing salt on its products.

De-icing salts are often sold without any warning about their harmful effects on concrete slabs, pavers and balconies. Even when a package mentions “safe for concrete”, it is important to pay close attention to the warnings and conditions of application, as they are often very unrealistic.

The APCHQ strongly recommends the use of sand or fine gravel. Given the manufacturers’ restrictions on the use of de-icing salts, it is much simpler to refrain from sprinkling them on your concrete balconies, in order to prevent their surface from flaking or crumbling.

Sand and gravel do require more maintenance, but these two products are certainly a guarantee of durability for the concrete of your slabs, pavers and balconies.

White spots have appeared on my tiles, what should I do?

What you see on your tiles is called efflorescence. 👀

Efflorescence is a whitish-colored deposit that appears from time to time on the surface of concrete products. Sometimes the salts in the cement and aggregates embedded in the product are extracted by absorbed water and transported to the surface where the water evaporates and the salts settle.🧂

The occurrence of these deposits is normal and common with concrete and other masonry products composed of cement. Usually, the efflorescence stops developing within 3 to 24 months of the product’s manufacture. Note that the salt will disappear with time.⏳ Concrete follows a natural process that is not harmful to Patio Drummond products. This process is not a manufacturing defect. Patio Drummond suggests cleaning up efflorescence one (1) year after the concrete product is installed. The efflorescence can be cleaned with an efflorescence cleaner sold in material stores. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 💯 Patio Drummond declines all responsibility for this natural phenomenon inherent to concrete products and for its cleaning.