Outdoor classroom

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An outdoor classroom is the best way to cool down overheated minds. Energize your teaching with a concrete outdoor classroom!

Installation and transport not included

Create an outdoor classroom tailored to your needs!

Concrete furniture for outdoor classrooms is designed to create educational zones that will motivate pupils, students and all teaching staff. Teaching, education and learning are constantly evolving. We believe that the best learning environment is one that is as lively and dynamic as the people who occupy it.

Ergo bench

Ergo benches can comfortably accommodate up to 3(+) children and 2(+) adults. The concrete bench can be used as a bench or as a table with seat – no need to bring writing boards! The backrest/table is anchored directly in the concrete and is very sturdy. The weight of the bench and the shape of its concrete sides will prevent it from tipping over. So even if your students lean or sit on the backrest/tablet, the Ergo bench won’t tip over!

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The Tablo board

A classroom just wouldn’t be the same without a chalkboard. The Organika Outdoor Classroom Chalkboard is designed with teachers’ needs in mind. The board is reversible in the middle and includes two boards: a white board made of porcelain and a black board to be just as effective in cooler weather. A padlock is used to secure the board to your yard.

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Sun shade

The best way to personalize an outdoor classroom or relaxation area: add a shade cloth. Made in Quebec, the canvases we use are designed to last a long time. Removable in winter, they’re a great way to enjoy your landscaping for a long time to come!

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Our team takes care of delivery and installation

Our team delivers and installs concrete urban furniture. We can even guide you through the entire purchasing process, from the design and layout of your furniture to the desired finish for your products! When you choose Patio Drummond, you get a turnkey experience!

Good to know

École St-Pierre in St-Valérien-de-Milton has acquired furniture for its outdoor classroom, much to the delight of teachers and students alike! Patio Drummond delivered and installed:

• 7 Ergo benches
• 1 board
• 2 Octa waste garbage cans

A big thank you to Le Semoir for its collaboration in the realization of this wonderful project!

Ready to order?

Our team can help you with your landscaping project, no matter how big or small. Patio Drummond even delivers and installs its prefabricated concrete rest areas throughout Quebec.


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