In recent weeks, Patio Drummond has delivered a total of 10,500 square feet of precast concrete balconies (21 different types of balconies) to the village of Cap-aux-Meules, approximately 1,273 km from Drummondville. This project required a total of 13 transports, covering 16,549 km of delivery, and it was made possible thanks to CTMA (Cooperative of Maritime and Air Transport) – our balconies had to take the ferry to be delivered directly to the construction site! (We may be a bit crazy because transporting over 100 balconies on a ferry requires careful planning. Fortunately, we had excellent support!)

Upon the arrival of the balconies at the construction site, the general contractor of the project and one of their installation teams quickly set up the 108 balconies. The impressive project took 7 days of installation by a team of 4 men, assisted by a crane for handling the balconies.

A very positive experience, courteous service, and always available when needed. The installation was easy, efficient, and fast. A very high-quality product as well. We will certainly work with Patio Drummond for future projects. Sébastien Couillard, Project Manager – Pomerleau Company


Some balconies in the project have “skirts” that allow contractors to pass their ventilation ducts underneath the balconies. They then close everything up without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the project. This is why you can see HSS (Hollow Structural Sections) tubes protruding directly from the steel structure where the balconies are placed. It’s a process that requires less installation time since the manipulation and placement of columns are not necessary. The balcony is mechanically fixed below the forks!

Why Trust the Expertise of Patio Drummond?

Pomerleau, the company in charge of the project, used our precast concrete balconies with a focus on durability: our balconies are reinforced with a steel structure and cast at our factory, making them an advantageous choice even when located thousands of kilometers away! – No need to bring in raw materials or large teams to pour concrete on-site!

In addition to being cast in a factory with controlled temperature conditions, our balconies were custom designed for the project by our engineers. This process is crucial at Patio Drummond as it ensures the strength of the balconies during handling and installation. A precast balcony can last up to 100 years (depending on usage). YES, up to 100 years!

For your large-scale projects, trust Patio Drummond!