The environment is at the heart of EVERY decision and action taken by Patio Drummond. Every day, we make intelligent use of the resources and collective expertise at our disposal to create a future where concrete is no longer a polluting industry.

And we’ll get there together.





Since 2021, we’ve been working to develop and optimize our concrete recipe. We have found the perfect balance between rich color, sustainable concrete and the use of as much recycled material as possible.

All our coal-colored products now contain over 40% recycled content – an innovation that will keep 5,000 tons of foundry residues out of landfills!




Our charcoal-colored products not only look good, they also embody our commitment to the environment. In the manufacture of our products, we replace natural sand with sand from the foundry process. This black sand gives us a vibrant hue and a precise texture.



Our sand is collected directly from local foundries, reducing the cost and environmental impact of transporting our raw materials. We reclaim foundry sand before it ends up in landfill. It’s our way of participating in a circular economy and supporting our community.


In 2023, Patio Drummond became the first company in the world to manufacture concrete blocks entirely without cement and carbon emissions.

CarbiCrete’s carbon-negative concrete block production process replaces cement with steel slag, a by-product of steel manufacturing. These are then hardened with carbon dioxide, thus avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions associated with cement production, while permanently sequestering CO2 in the resulting concrete products.

What’s a


bloc ?

Not only does a building block manufactured using the CarbiCrete process not emit CO2 into the air, it actually traps it. That’s why we call it CARBON-EGATIVE. A Quebec innovation of which we are very proud, this process reduces the emissions associated with cement production by 2 kg, and permanently eliminates 1 kg of CO2 per building block.


Acquired by Patio Drummond in 2022, Solidel manufactures solar-powered street lamps and lighting fixtures. Solidel differentiates itself by offering unique solar-powered street lamps. Our sustainable solutions are offered to a wide range of customers, from municipal to industrial and residential. Our vision in acquiring Solidel was to integrate a sustainable lighting range into our ongoing ECO concrete efforts.  


solar-powered lighting?

Why invest in solar lighting? TOMORROW. It’s tomorrow that drives us to innovate and offer lighting solutions powered by renewable energy. Thanks to our customers and partners, we’re making tomorrow a bright one! To date, we offer a range of 5 different products, all modular and modifiable to suit our customers’ needs. We have the solar lighting best suited to Quebec’s climate.

The benefits of


solar technology

Solidel solar panels are installed vertically. The vertical solar module is a UNIQUE SOLIDEL TECHNOLOGY. Currently patent-pending, our vertical solar panel module accumulates the sun’s rays all day long. It won’t collect snow or dust!  


Because sustainable development doesn’t stop at our Eco concrete, CarbiCrete or Solidel. We’re thinking about improving our performance in the 3 pillars of sustainable development:





Every little bit counts. To date, we have implemented the following actions to limit the impact of our practices on the environment. We have :

  • Eliminated hand-held paper.
  • Eliminated single-use containers.
  • Revalued our raw materials into fillers or aggregate substitutes.
  • Reduced our packaging as much as possible.
  • Reused and repaired our wooden pallets.
  • Reused and repaired our wooden pallets. Sourced most of our raw materials locally.
  • Sourced most of our raw materials locally. Provided access to local agriculture.
  • Implemented a residual materials management policy.
  • We no longer buy plastic products, but make them ourselves, using corn starch (PLA) plastic, and we recycle plastic scraps too!

We’re far from perfect, but we’re getting better!  


We could say a lot about the economic side of sustainable development at Patio Drummond, but we’ll focus our energies on this:

We do everything we can to encourage and prioritize the local economy. We source locally, our raw materials come from Quebec and we try to choose suppliers who are physically closest to us to limit transportation.

When we make deliveries, we always maximize the weight of deliveries, even if it means combining orders from customers who are close to each other to limit the number of trips you have to make.    

We promote the circular economy by recycling raw materials that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill.   

And, finally, when we place orders for X, Y or Z, we make sure to explore all local options before dealing with an out-of-town supplier, even when it costs more.   


Our CANDY. The social pillar of sustainable development is by far our favorite. It’s not that we don’t like to make an effort for the other pillars, it’s just that we take the community very much to heart. Like, really.

We’ve always been involved in the Drummondville community, but since 2022, our involvement has taken a whole new turn when the Lemaire family (owners of Patio Drummond) had the good fortune to be an honorary family of the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Drummondville – Les petits bonheurs.

We also participated in the development of the Patio Drummond Pavilion at the Centre Communautaire et Loisirs Claude Nault in Drummondville. It was a real team effort that enabled us to embrace our family values and engage with our community.  

And finally, every day since the beginning of 2023, we have launched a small initiative to mobilize our team around a regional organization that is important to all our employees: le p’tit dep.   

Amount raised (as of December 31, 2023: $1,115)   



Because in 2021, it was a desire to return to their roots that prompted the Lemaire family to embark on a new adventure: setting up theJuliette & famille farm.

Patio Drummond and its philanthropic focus

The project was born out of a desire to develop a more philanthropic axis to the Lemaire family’s primary passion (i.e. concrete, hihi) that would enable a return to the source for the Drummondville community and surrounding area. And it worked.

Every summer, we offer over a hundred subscriptions to baskets of fresh, local and ORGANIC fruits and vegetables.

And if you need to sum it all up for your friends and family?

The Juliette & famille farm is a place where you can get back to basics and access fresh, organic and affordable produce. It’s a place where you can rub shoulders with animals while respecting their environment, and take part in activities that enrich and strengthen team and community spirit!