Urbania Outdoor Fireplaces

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Looking for contemporary, sophisticated concrete outdoor fireplaces? Introducing the Urbania fire pit! In no time at all, you’ll create a gathering space par excellence in the middle of your yard.

709,08$868,58$ 32 walls and 1 fireguard included


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The concrete block outdoor fireplaces that look like they're made of natural stone

The natural look of the Urbania blocks for concrete outdoor fireplaces instantly creates a warm, authentic feeling. Once the fire's roaring, imagine your yard being the most welcoming in the city. Available in two colors, the Urbania fire pit will blend perfectly into your outdoor landscape, matching the look of your home. Stretch out the sunny season and enjoy long nights outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall, all the more peaceful beside your new Urbania fire pit. Pssst! Add a cooking grill for a good steak at dinner or grilling in the evening!

Drycast with Hydrapel

Urbania blocks for concrete outdoor fireplaces are impermeable, for better durability.


“Chill” by the fire, or grill your dinner!


Contemporary and sophisticated, concrete outdoor fireplaces will be the focal point of your backyard.


Feel like relaxing by the fire tonight? Urbania concrete outdoor fireplaces can be assembled in one to two hours!

Our innovative

Admixture that is incorporated directly into the mix of all our drycast products. With Hydrapel, concrete absorbs less water, which increases its resistance to freezing and thawing.Hydrapel protects the products from stains and reinforces the resistance to UV rays, for a vibrant and long-lasting color.

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Our installation tips

Installing an Urbania fire pit

Installing Urbania concrete outdoor fireplaces is almost easier than building a fire! We’re not kidding! Got an hour or two to spare and a few tools around the house? That’s all you’ll need to be done in time to relax around the fire tonight! Add the cooking grill, and you can even make your dinner. Ambitious, because it was easy to install? Urbania concrete blocks can also be used to build a decorative wall, garden edging, or retaining wall. Have fun!

Installation patterns

Patio Drummond Quality

Concrete products provide a lot of flexibility in a landscape design project. They’re ready to install the minute you take delivery of them. Our concrete is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate’s typical freeze/thaw cycles.


If your product is damaged, please contact the dealer you purchased your products from, directly. Patio Drummond provides a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in its products, valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Is the only thing standing between you and happiness this summer an outdoor fire pit?

Our concrete outdoor fireplaces are available at your favorite dealer. Their team is specially trained by Patio Drummond to help you make your choice and give you some installation tips.


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