Sustainable innovations: The Patio Drummond team is proud to announce the official launch of its VER+CO line of eco-friendly concrete. 

The environment is at the heart of EVERY decision and action taken by Patio Drummond. Every day, we make intelligent use of the resources and collective expertise at our disposal to create a future where concrete is no longer a polluting industry. And we’ll get there together.

Over 5,000 tons of recycled sand per year

VER+CO‘s innovations represent a perfect balance between development, sustainability and know-how, enabling us to create environmentally friendly concrete. Our products are no longer just aesthetically pleasing, they embody our commitment to the environment.

A few months ago, we launched carbon-negative concrete products. Today, we’re adding a new type of concrete to our range: concrete made from 40% recycled materials – an innovation that will keep over 5,000 tons of foundry residues out of landfills every year!

An initiative that encourages upcycling 

We take great care in selecting our materials, whether we’re talking about eco-friendly concrete or not. And for VER+CO products, the choice of raw materials is even more intentional.

That’s why our concrete products made from 40% recycled materials contain sand recovered directly from local foundries, reducing the cost and environmental impact of transporting our raw materials.

We revalorize foundry sand before it ends up in landfill. It’s our way of participating in a circular economy and supporting our community.

A commitment to the environment 

Whether through our partnership with CarbiCrete, which enables us to manufacture carbon-negative building blocks, or through Solidel, our sister company and manufacturer of solar-powered lampposts, we make informed choices aligned with our sustainable vision.

Our VER+CO ecological concrete is just the beginning.
At Patio Drummond, we always want to do more.

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