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Protect your buildings and businesses from vehicles with precast concrete parking bumpers. They can even be painted for added visibility!



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A concrete curb that doesn't give way

Concrete parking curbs are highly effective for slowing down vehicles or reducing the back-up of trucks in business. Parking curbs help prevent vehicles from damaging walls, garage doors, shop windows and more. Available in 3 sizes, they accommodate different types of vehicles and parking configurations.


The precast concrete parking bumper is robust and effective in the event of contact.


A parking lot delimited by concrete curbs looks clean and tidy!


In terms of investment, concrete is the most durable solution for your parking lot.


It’s the concrete curb that adds safety and aesthetic appeal without cutting into your landscaping budget!

Our installation tips

The parking bumper doesn’t have to be anchored to be effective

BUT it can be done. Our prefabricated concrete parking stoppers are designed so that you can screw them into the ground or not, using two anchoring holes. They’re just as effective without being anchored, but a little extra security never hurt anyone.

No more secrets, here are all our specifications:

Unit specifications

Dimensions (inches) Weight
BU06 5 x 9 x 71 1/4 260 lb
BU08 8 x 8 x 80 338 lb
BU096 6 x 9 x 96 340 lb

Pallet specifications

Weight / Pallet
BU06 2600 lb 1179 kg
BU08 3380 lb 1533 kg
BU096 3400 lb 1542 kg


Quantity / row per pallet 5
Number of rows 2
Pallet dimensions BU06 42″ x 42 ”
BU08 42″ x 42″
BU096 42″ x 48″
Products positioning Horizontal

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