Alto Wall

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Our Alto retaining wall blocks are quick to install thanks to their unique design. They are easy to fit together and greatly speed up work progress.


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Alto Wall

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Concrete block for retaining wall

The design of our Alto retaining wall allows blocks to be erected to heights of over 5 feet without the need for geogrid. With a setback of 1 inch per block, your wall will be stable and able to support a greater live load. The Alto wall provides an aesthetic, durable solution that's easy to install. Isn't that just beautiful!


A concrete block for retaining walls that adds a modern look to any landscape.

Quick to install

Our Alto retaining walls are designed to fit together easily, speeding up the progress of your work.

For large-scale projects

Designed for large projects, our blocks don’t need to be filled with stone to be effective.

Without geogrid

Because of its size, the block doesn’t need the reinforcement of a geogrid for retaining walls under 8 feet.

Our installation tips

We’ll supply you with the handling clamp

We lend you handling clamps to facilitate the installation of your retaining wall. They are designed to easily handle the blocks with basic equipment. With Alto concrete blocks, you’ll create safe, aesthetic and durable retaining walls.

No more secrets, here are all our specifications:

Dimensions (inches) + weight in lb

ALTO-RE 12 x 24 x 72 1671 lb
ALTO-CG 12 x 24 x 67 1653 lb
ALTO-CD 12 x 24 x 67 1653 lb
ALTO-CO 12 x 24 x 67 1671 lb
ALTO-COCG 12 x 24 x 67 1653 lb
ALTO-COCD 12 x 24 x 67 1653 lb
ALTO-CODE 12 x 24 x 35 829 lb
ALTO-DE 12 x 24 x 35 829 lb

Weight per pallet

ALTO-RE 5013 lb 2274 kg
ALTO-CG 4959 lb 2249 kg
ALTO-CD 4959 lb 2249 kg
ALTO-CO 5013 lb 2274 kg
ALTO-COCG 4959 lb 2249 kg
ALTO-COCD 4959 lb 2249 kg
ALTO-CODE 2487 lb 1128 kg
ALTO-DE 2487 lb 1128 kg

Ready to build your retaining wall?

Patio Drummond’s construction-grade precast cinder block is available in several sizes at a dealer near you. Consult your hardware dealer, specially trained by our team for good advice about completing your project!


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